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Corporate Banking

International Settlement
We provide international settlement services such as: import letter of credit, export letter of credit, inward documentary collection, export documentary collection, standby letter of credit, letter of guarantee. 
For L/C advising business within Europe, if the beneficiary can not come to our bank’s counter, we can use telephone, fax and other communication instruments to ensure that the beneficiary will be advised of the content of the L/C on the same day we receive the L/C from the issuing bank, and then send the original L/C to the beneficiary by mail.

Trade Finance Business
Relying on the plentiful knowledge of the international market and leveraging on the huge annual trade between China and Europe, ICBC Europe is well positioned to provide credit support for the best customers and their supply chain. We provide diversified trade finance services which meet all kinds of demands of customers featured by simple and quick procedures. The scope of business covers Import & Export Financing, Packing loan, TT/ LC refinance, International factoring, forfeiting, invoice finance, risk participation, etc.        

Oversea Loan under Domestic Guarantee
Oversea Loan under Domestic Guarantee is a service mainly for domestic companies to participate in and compete for international projects. We facilitate domestic companies in overseas investment and effectively solve their financing problem by ICBC group domestic branches’ guarantee or stand-by letter of credit.       

Oversea Loan under Domestic Deposit Certificate
we offer the Oversea Loan under Domestic Deposit Certificate service by ICBC group domestic branches’ deposit certificate or hypothecated deposit, means the domestic enterprise could pledge the deposit certificate or hypothecated deposit to ICBC group domestic branch, based on the deposit above we can provide loans to the oversea borrowers.

Syndicated Loan
ICBC is dedicated to conduct international inter-bank loans, participate in international and domestic syndicated loans

Global Cash Management
"ICBC global cash management services" represent a full spectrum of financial services including global account management, centralized collection/disbursement and cash pool, backed by strong IT platform, a worldwide branch network and professional team. ICBC global cash management services help customers gain an accurate picture of the company's cash position in China and overseas in a timely manner, allocate domestic/ overseas receivables/payables from one location and pool cash around the globe.

Investment Banking
We could provide our clients, those Chinese enterprises who may have investment demand in Europe, or those European enterprises who may have investment demand in China, with our investment banking service, including financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions related to services, financing structure design services.

Financial Markets Business
(1) ICBC provides spot foreign exchange services for corporate clients. Currency pair includes the mainly traded currency in the market. Particularly, we provide foreign exchanges trades between RMB and other mainly traded currencies.
(2) RMB bond trading services and other assets trading services.
(3) ICBC helps clients to manage interest rate risk, foreign exchange rate risk, commodity price risk by providing them with various hedge instruments, including forward, swap, option etc.
(4) ICBC helps clients with off-shore RMB bond issuance
(5) Customized investment products based on the risk profile of corporate clients, and consultant service for investment.