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Guidance to Corporate online banking

Corporate online banking is a channel via which ICBC, based on the Internet or private network, provides such services as account inquiry, transfer and settlement and online payment to corporate clients.
Corporate online banking services can be divided into basic services and special services. The former include account management, online remittance and online payment; the latter, which will be launched in the near future, include VIP room, online agency of payment and settlement, online collection, online letter of credit, online bank draft and high-level account management.

Drawing strength from advanced technology and service innovation, ICBC has always been committed to creating more value for our clients. With its advantages in technological development and management, ICBC has developed a financial management platform for corporate clients.

(1) Stable and efficient system, highly developed network of clearing houses.
(2) Powerful and various-typed products, sustainable capability of innovation.
(3)3A (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow) services, high-quality management. ICBC provides 7 × 24-hour non-stop service. No matter where you are, you need only log on the Internet to enjoy fast and high-quality banking services.